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Trainer Jane, founder of Selling on the Spot Marketplace TM has shared the stage with many international speakers.

John Shin and Trainer Jane Warr
Trainer Jane and Mark Yuzuik
Trainer Jane and Daven Michaels
Jane and Bill Walsh
Trainer Jane and Cheri Tree
Robert Raymond Riopel and Trainer Jane
Trainer Jane and Bill Walsh
Rey Perez,Trainer Jane,James MacNeil
Loral Langemeier and Trainer Jane

Find and Gain Customers and Clients Faster

Growing a business is not easy.  Finding prospective customers can be difficult and knowing how to communicate in just the right way to convert them to a customer or client requires knowing how to effectively and ethically communicate your value in a way that is important to them.   I will help you identify your personal and professional values, strengths, and abilities in support of attaining your goals.  I provide guidance and training for entrepreneurs and sales organizations through different delivery methods:

  1. Improve your networking and sales skills – Networking / Sales Events (Selling on the Spot Marketplace)

  2. Enhance communications and sales acumen to close more deals - Workshop (B.A.N.K.CODE)

  3. Improve personal and business communication skills – Workshop (Verbal Aikido)

Which areas can I help you with?  Which environment is best for your growth?  

Check out my services to see which is right for you, and become the business leader and communicator you want to be.


Networking, Sales Training and Marketplace

Selling on the Spot Marketplace is the fastest growing sales training and networking event in North America!  See how you can expand your network and increase sales as an attendee or a licensee.


The World Leader In Personality Sales Training Systems

B.A.N.K.™ is a reverse-engineered personality profiling system designed to dramatically improve your communication, accelerate your negotiations, and close more sales!


Communications Mastery

Verbal Aikido by James MacNeil is a life-transforming, one-of-a-kind advanced communications skills philosophy and experientially-delivered educational program that uniquely links emotional intelligence with the powerful non-adversarial philosophy of the Japanese martial art, Aikido.

Jane "Trainer Jane" Warr is an Authorized Business Partner with James MacNeil as a Licensed Facilitator of Verbal Aikido - Pure Communications Mastery.  Find out how Jane can help you expand your communications skills and get what you want in business and life.


Keynote / Seminars / Workshops

Certified Trainer and Master of Verbal Aikido; successful business coach, creator / facilitator of the popular Selling on the Spot Marketplace, executive member of StartUp Durham Region and best selling author; Jane "Trainer Jane" Warr shares her knowledge and experience with audiences.  Book her for your next conference or training program.

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