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About Trainer Jane Warr

Hi.  I'm Jane Warr.  As I started my career in fitness training in 2008 I took on the name Trainer Jane.  My mantra was lead by example.  From getting multiple certifications in the health industry to running marathons around the world, I have always put every effort into showing what could be done, and taking my clients with me.  That same mantra has remained even as I moved into communication and sales training.

Trainer Jane is more than just a name, it's a promise; to me and my clients.  A promise to ensure that I give the best information, the best experience and the best of myself in every aspect of what I do.  

Read more about me in my Mission, Vision, and Values statements.  Read about the Associations that I work with to help others achieve success.  Let me know how I can help you by reaching out in my Contact Page.

 Meida Kit - Coming Soon



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