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Trainer Jane Mission, Vision and Values

About Trainer Jane

I got my start as a fitness trainer helping people improve their physical health and soon realized that many clients desired training on other levels as well.  As I found myself growing in the fitness industry, I found ways of helping clients in the other facets of their lives.  Physical fitness, mental health, business focus and life energy are all combined; and I sought ways of bringing improvements in these paradigms to my clients.

In 2015, I attended a Verbal Aikido seminar led by James MacNeil and got so much from it that it enabled me to make improvements in my life and others around me.  After becoming a Verbal Aikido licensee, I found myself at networking events and vendor shows, but something was missing; none seemed to do both so I began Selling on the Spot Marketplace.  By providing coaching on ethical selling and solid communication skills and combining it with networking and a vendor event, Selling on the Spot Marketplace has taken off around Durham and the Greater Toronto Area.

I began Group Coaching and providing seminars to expand the ways I deliver my message of improvement through communication.  From working as an author /co-author to volunteering with StartUp Durham, I continue to seek opportunities to help entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business people get started and grow. 

My mission

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders attain their goals through deep ethics, and strong communication & leadership

My vision

I envision a world where entrepreneurs and business leaders have wider perspectives and vision about how they strive for results and achieve their goals. 

My values

I value authenticity, honesty, and integrity.  They are the founding principals in any relationship; family or business.  I also place a high importance to the learning experience in a safe environment to learn, grow and have fun.

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