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Trainer Jane - Public Speaking

As a Certified Trainer and Master of Verbal Aikido; successful business coach, creator / facilitator of the popular Selling on the Spot Marketplace, executive member of StartUp Durham Region and best selling author; Jane "Trainer Jane" Warr has a deep background in communications and entrepreneurship.  
Jane shares her knowledge and experiences in various public speeches that she gives in workshops and keynote addresses in the business community.  
Title: Ethical Selling – The 5 Steps of Ethical Influence
Topic: Sales / Communications
Do you hate selling? Do you think being in sales means being dishonest, or manipulative?
Selling your products or services does not have to feel deceitful.

Come learn how to sell ethically, respectfully, and honestly. Discover how effective communication can change your views and results in future sales communications.

This is not just a speech; you will apply what you learn at the event. 

Handouts will be included. This is an experiential workshop with sharing of examples and refining presentations.
Title: How Well Do You Really Communicate?
Topic: Communications
In this Experiential Workshop, you will learn more about how YOU communicate in your Personal and Work life.  Do you think you communicate the same at work, as you do with friends, or with your family? Why? Why not?

You will complete self-evaluations and we will discuss them.

What if you could improve in one category by 10%? 20%?
Would that change your personal relationships?  Would that change your business results?
This is eye-opening! Many ah-ha moments expected!

Take home handouts will be included.
Title: Get Out of your Comfort Zone!
Topic: Personal Growth 
Get out of your comfort zone and start living a big life!
Too many of us stay in our comfort zone and never get the results we want in life. 
In the words of Thomas Jefferson: "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done." 
Move into your learning zone and courage zone; be challenged; that's where growth is!
Come learn how at this event! This will be in experiential workshop style.
Take home handouts will be included.
Title: What Do You Want to Be? Do? Have? and Give?
Topic: Personal Development
How many times have you thought:
- What do I want to Be?
- What do I want to Do?
- What do I want to Have?
- What do I want to Give?

Whom do I have to become to do the things I want to do; have the things I want to have and be able to give back and leave a legacy? What do I need to learn?

This is an Experiential Workshop.
This is like a Bucket List on Steroids, with the path to get there!

Take home handouts will be included.

If you would like to have Trainer Jane speak at your event, please fill out the form below and provide your contact information, details about your event and which presentation you are interested in.

Thank you for your interest. We will contact you shorty.

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