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Personal Development @ Home

Now you can increase sales, improve your communications and be inspired in your own home.  These great sources of information and inspiration are a click away.

Why They Buy Book

Crack The Personality Code To Learn The Game-Changing Reasons Why Your Customers Buy

Learn four key secrets that hold you back from sales success– and solutions to get more YES’s without more NO’s!


Discover hidden truths about your prospect, not yourself, with a 90-second typing method that turns traditional systems upside down.


When you and your prospect use the same language, you quickly connect on a deeper level, so messages get through.

Increase sales by up to 300% when you know the script to close all personality types, not just your own.

Get your copy in the colour of your dominant code.  Don't know your code?  Find out here:

Learn Why They Buy for only  $39.95  CAD +HST

Note: All books have the same content.  Code colours are used throughout each book for consistency.

Why They Buy - Blue (Blueprint)

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Why They Buy - Red (Action)

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Why They Buy - Yellow (Nurturing)

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Why They Buy - Green (Knowledge)

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B.A.N.K. Value Cards

Get your cards for only  $20 CAD +HST

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B.A.N.K. – Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, Knowledge – cracks the personality code of your prospect. Most salespeople sell based on what would appeal to their own personality code without taking into consideration the personality of their prospect. That’s precisely why 66% of customers are consistently turned off by sales presentations. When you decipher your prospect’s personality code and let it guide your sale, you are far more likely to get the YES!


Now you can own a set of Value Cards to quicly and easily identify the buying behaviour of your prospects and communicate, negotiate and close the sale.

B.A.N.K. Kids Value Cards

Get your cards for only  $25 CAD +HST

B.A.N.K. – Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, Knowledge 

Use these cards to crack the code of your children, or for your children to use with their siblings.

Makes a great tool for teachers too.

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Verbal Aikido Home Study Course

  • 8 lessons each with six sessions filmed in HD

  • Insightful Self Assessment Tools

  • Real-world exercises to develop skills and form habits

  • An expansive full color Workbook

  • MP3 audio downloads for easy review anywhere/anytime

  • Transcripts for additional clarity, and reinforcement

  • Available 24/7 online

Get the home study course for only  $497 CAD +HST

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International Best Seller in Canada, the U.S. and Australia!

The concept of Peeking Behind The Scenes is about going beyond the surface and diving deeper into the inner workings.


‘Luck’ is really about picking a direction, making a decision, and putting in the work.


Here, 21 authors share their amazing success journey with you and show you how it’s done.

Peek Behind The Scenes for only $24.95 CAD +HST

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International Best Seller

This book was compiled to inspire you to manifest into your own life anything that you want in the areas of money, love and health. You will learn how to attract anything that you truly want while being empowered.


Patricia LeBlanc has gathered a list of amazing experts who will guide you to manifesting anything that you desire. Her co-authors share their own experiences with you. Learn from them and take what works for you. This journey belongs to you and it is time that you take back your power and create the life that you truly want.


You deserve to live a happy and abundant life.


Happy Manifesting!

Available at:

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International Best Seller

This book was compiled to help you use the Law of Attraction all areas of your life.


You will read 16 wonderful Law of Attraction stories. Let the co-authors guide you on how to attract what you want in your life.


You able to manifest anything. Big dream! Take on action! You deserve to live a happy and fulfillment life.

Available at:

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