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Selling on the Spot Marketplace

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Due to COVID-19, all Selling on the Spot Marketplace events are being held online.  Visit our Events page to sign up today! 

Not just another Networking event!

Need cash flow? Looking to increase revenue?


Don’t want to collect more business cards but actually SELL, ethically, efficiently and effectively?

That is what Selling on the Spot Marketplace is all about!

Join the vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals coming to do real business, on the spot.

It is facilitated by Trainer Jane Warr, leading certified and licensed Communications & Sales Trainer.


Come for your opportunity to meet awesome new contacts, sell your products and services, or book meetings, in the fun seller’s marketplace! This is for ANY and EVERY BUSINESS type.


This event is about RESULTS! It is about increasing your REVENUE / doing business, on the Spot!


Leverage the 3 year track record to master building rapport, presenting to your prospect clearly and concisely, and closing the sale.

Leave confident and empowered, having booked appointments, closed sales, and having put real money in your pocket.


Entrepreneurs • Sales Professionals • Business Owners • Direct Sales • Financial Services • Real Estate • Professional Services • Network Marketing • Online Marketing • Speakers • Authors • Coaches • Business Consultants • Non-Profits • And More


Here is a sample of what entrepreneurs are saying about this event.

McClure Testimonial
LTaylor Testimonial
Desiree Testimonial
AMichaud Testimonial
CParchment Testimonial
BDavidson Testimonial

There is a limited number of regular and Sponsorship Spots available so register today.


Ask about licensing Selling on the Spot Marketplace in your community.


"What a fantastic and valuable business and learning event. I will recommend Jane and Selling on the Spot Marketplace to all my business acquaintances."

  - Shelley Dechant

"A great business growing event!"

  - Michelle Butt

"I want to give a outshout to Jane Warr!  I have attended her Selling on the Spot Marketplace the last 2 months in Mississauga (Ontario). She has created an environment for networking AND crafting the art of the sale!  Come check out the next one."

  - Paula Hohenadel-Alblas

“Of all the networking events, this is a must do! I loved the guidance that Jane provided throughout the event. I appreciated the fact that she challenged people to get outside their comfort zone. If you are new or working at your "pitch" this is a great place to practice, practice, practice. Creating a psychologically safe and authentic place is the true sign of not only leadership, but generosity.”

 - Carolina M. Billings

“I believe Selling on the Spot Marketplace is the next evolution of networking.”

  - Sharon Fillmore

“Every time I go to #SotSM events I meet incredible people!”

  - Neal A. Boyle

“This event had an amazing outcome for me!!  The opportunity I received after attending this event is going to be life changing for me! It's because of this event that I was able to showcase my talent, talk to some amazing people, and make some contacts. Selling on the Spot is literally changing my life with the training and the people I've met. Thank you Jane Warr for giving me the opportunity to be a part of these amazing events.”

 - Ashley Olmstead

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